It will depend a lot on the printer

The same goes for printers that do digital printing. It will depend a lot on the printer you choose. You need to find out what type of paper is available and you will want to see samples of the paper to get a better idea of which one you want to print your catalog on. Also ask your printer to suggest the different types of paper they think will be the best for your catalog. Here is a list of some of the types of paper your printer may have available for you to choose from or may be able to order for you. Four things determine the quality of the paper, opacity, brightness, finish, and ppi. (Pounds per inch) Brightness affects the contrast and brilliance of the paper. It affects how your text will stand out on the pages of your catalog. Opacity is how much your ink is visible from the back of the page. If a paper is too opaque, your text and images from one page will be seen through onto another page that your customer is trying to read. The finish affects the feel of the pages and also how your images will look. The lower grade finishes produce grainier images while high quality finishes sharpen the look of your images. Ask your printer to provide you with samples or swatch booklets and a price list for printing your catalog on the various types of paper before you decide.

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